Guilty pleasure, minus the guilt
Discover the pleasure of 100% plant-based ice cream

Bodhi’s ice cream surprises you over and over again with an explosion of delicious flavours. Besides being extremely tasty, this ice cream also makes you feel extra good, since it is made with 100% plant-based ingredients and natural sugars, and produced in a traditional way with a great deal of passion. As a result, you can enjoy the pure pleasure of ice cream in a mindful and balanced manner. In other words , Bodhi’s ice cream equals guilty pleasure without the guilt.

Better for the planet
Indulgence with a heart for our planet

Ensuring a wonderful experience comes naturally to Bodhi’s ice cream With an emphasis on ‘naturally’, since it’s 100% produced with natural ingredients, without any pigments or additives. Bodhi personally selects the ingredients; only the best is good enough for him. Production happens locally, in a sustainable, small-scaled manner. Add to this that the cups are 100% biodegradable, and you realise that Bodhi’s ice cream isn’t just extremely tasteful, it’s also planet-friendly.

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Our flavors. better for you
Tasty, balanced and 100% natural

Bodhi’s ice cream is sweetened with natural sugars only, as well as with a sweetener mix composed by Bodhi himself. As a consequence, anyone can enjoy it, even those with diabetes. Furthermore, our ice cream contains 70% less calories, which makes it a whole lot healthier. You can feast on 100% fruit and pure ingredients such as genuine vanilla sticks, raw cacao nibs, traditionally made nut spreads and homemade nut milk. Impressive? You bet. Especially because Bodhi’s ice cream can compete effortlessly with the Italian gelato. It is perhaps even better. And that drop of vinegar in the sorbet? It adds that extra little something that you will find nowhere else. Enjoy!

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